7 Habits that make allergies worse



Less than 8 hours of sleep reduces the strength of the immune system, hence making it difficult for our body to fight against irritants. Also, irregular sleep schedule leads to an imbalance in the overall metabolic process of the body which further weakens our immunity. Hence complete rest and proper sleep are crucial to prevent make allergies better faster.


A sparkling glass of wine that accompanies most of our dinners is another provoking factor of allergies. Alcohol is responsible for releasing histamines, which cause most of the allergy symptoms. Hence if you are suffering or are prone to allergies skip that wine at the end of the meal.


Contact lenses trap all the dust and pollens that are passively floating in your surroundings and makes the eyes red and itchy. To prevent this you must wear sunglasses during the pollen season or when going out in dust. This will prevent direct contact between your lenses and pollutants.


A fulfilled leap into the pool often results in rashes and watery eyes Easter in the day. This is due to the presence of chlorine in the swimming pool. It is used to decontaminate water but has a severe effect on our skin. Hence if you plan on a clip or two in the pool wear goggles and apply oil before entering the pool.


After a busy work day, we are often too tired to take a shower and instead directly hit the bed. But it is advisable to stand under the shower for a while for a good night.All the pollutants and pollens that accumulate on our hair and sticks to our skin is washed off with that bedtime shower, hence leaving us allergen free when we go to bed. Besides warm water is believed to relax the muscles helping you unwind after your wearing day.


Deadlines and upcoming presentations cause us all to endure stress. But if you suffer from an allergy stressing yourself will cause your body to release more i.e- Immunoglobin is just the scientific way to tell you that your allergic symptoms are going to get worse. So prevent yourself from those extra tissues by relaxing and not falling prey to stress-inducing situations.


Smell is one of the five senses that humans poses. Good scents induce a sense of confidence. Yet often these aerosols end up inflaming our respiratory tract and hence making us sneezes too frequently. If you have an allergy skip that deodorant, instead take a shower to prevent body odor.So to enjoy the season and prevent that extra trip to the pharmacy, just ensure that you take the above precautions and you’ll be fine.

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