8 Possible Ways: How to prevent Flu


Flu is a short form of influenza. This is a disease which is mainly characterized by respiratory symptoms like nasal passages. It’s also characterized by fever, inflammation of eyes, general prostration and it’s mainly caused by a virus. It’s commonly a contagious disease which at times happens to be an epidemic. It’s seen in creatures of the primate family, swine, horses, and birds. Flu can be prevented by either flu shot or nasal spray. Well, in this writing its mainly on primates and particularly human beings that will be on the subject.

  1. Vaccination:

This entails the flu shot which is a vaccine and at times it can be substituted by nasal spray as earlier stated. The side effects of this are often short Ivied and mild. Among the side effects manifested after the administration of the injections are fever, muscle aches, headache, and nausea.

  1. Keep hands-off potentially infected items:

Common mediums where” this disease-Can be transmitted through can be water taps or even water bottles. It’s safer to get slightly dehydrated rather than sharing a bottle of water with someone who could be potentially infected by influenza. Well, you could opt to clean the item even before use. This is indisputably a great substitute of the flu shot.

  1. Wash your hands before touching any food or any edible stuff:

After the day’s activities, everyone will relax in the living room and perhaps be dining with family or friends. It’s not necessarily When the day ends you’ll have something to eat through every other time you having something to eat it’s highly advisable to do it with your hands clean. This is because you could have greeted someone who might be infected with this disease.

  1. Grab yourself a healthy diet:

This goes without saying. Healthy diet in the context will match some fruits of different varieties which will beef up your immune system. A combination of protein-rich foods like eggs, milk or even fish will work a good formula in having your Immune great.

  1. Get into workouts:

This could be jogging; some press ups, sit ups or even running will help in having your body system respond positively into combating any infections like the flu and the likes.

  1. Warm water or some hot tea:

Taking good amounts of water which is warm acts a good remedy for preventing and even combating flu. Taking hot tea with maybe lemon and honey can serve a great substitute to taking warm water.

  1. Embrace taking of juice:

This serves best particularly during the winter season when your body doesn’t conform to taking a lot of water. This helps in flushing out toxins from your body.

  1. Get quality sleep time:

This mainly is the case when immunity gets of concern. Research shows that normally one should take at least seven hours of sleep and so in the case preventing flu taking excellent time of sleep boosts immune against such diseases.

Bottom Line:

Flu shot confirms the ideal way of preventing this disease among the other discussed ways in this article meanwhile the other ways are also important.

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