Immigration Medical Exam Guide: What to Expect & How we do the best


medical examination is a must have if your visa application is ever to be considered. Immigration medical exams are quite important as they assure the health and safety of both the visa applicant and citizens of the visiting nation. Everyone, no matter the age or gender of the individual has to undergo this medical exam before immigrating to another country. The medical exam is usually carried out by a medical physician specially assigned by the immigration authorities. The physician performs an extensive examination whereby all possible medical conditions are checked and evaluated, including the travelers medical history. The doctor also administers any immunizations required by the government.This is a guide of what you should expect and how you can best prepare for an immigration medical exam.


The doctor will first talk to you, while going through your medical history. Expect questions as the doctor will require details of any previous ailments and conditions you may have suffered in the past. The doctor might also ask on the treatments you received and any other medications that were given to you.
If you have ever suffered from medical conditions such as Tuberculosis (TB), the physician will require a medical certificate, clearly giving details of the diagnosis and the successful treatment of the disease, signed by your doctor or the public health agent. A medical certificate is also required for sexually transmitted diseases such as Syphilis and any other STD’s that you were positively proven to have, signed to show the successful treatment of the disease. If you were not treated successfully for these diseases you will have to show a written explanation from your doctor detailing a valid reason.
The immigration medical exam also involves a physical and mental health assessment, whereby the doctor asks for all, if any, records of hospitalizations due to a mental illness, psychiatric analysis and/or alcohol and drug abuse. A certificate will also be required for the successful treatment of these conditions, signed by your doctor. Your physical evaluation will also include details of any attempted suicides or physical harm you may have caused to a person or animal. The physician will carry out a full body check up, give you a chest x-ray and perform the relevant blood tests. Women who are over 45 years will most probably undergo a breast evaluation, or will be asked to provide a breast evaluation report from a certified doctor.
While performing an immigration medical exam, it is important to know that some conditions may render you inadmissible, but only on very rare occasions. Such include evidence that you are suffering from a highly communicable disease that is highly dangerous and may pose a risk to public health. Also, any mental illness or physical condition that you may have and is currently active and may pose a threat to property or life.
How to Best Prepare For an Immigration Medical Exam.
The medical exam requires no special care, however, there are things you need to watch out for before taking the immigration medical exam. For example, if you are feeling unwell, or currently using antibiotics, it is best to wait until you are completely healed before taking the medical test.
It’s also important to avoid alcohol or any other types of drugs, preferably 48 hours before your medical exam. Doing so is very important to avoid any complications with your blood results. Make sure you eat and drink normally before the test. Do not fast. For women, make sure to have the medical evaluation only after your menstrual cycle as the blood might complicate your results.
When showing up for your immigration medical exam, make sure to carry the following: your passport, a record of the vaccines (if any) that you might already have had, any medical records of previous ailments and conditions and certificates (if any) of successful treatments of such conditions. A list of any current medications you are currently undertaking will also be needed by the physician.
Usually the medical exam is valid for one year from the date of issue. The medical exam is not very complicated and if all your records are in order, expect a stress free evaluation. The medical test will be very important in your visa application and if you successfully pass, expect the rest of your application status to run smoothly afterwards.

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