Tips for Staying Healthy in Flu Season

Staying Healthy


Flu is a respiratory disorder that results from a change in weather and climate. Each season has got its own flu shot. This is because the disease is caused by viruses that keep on mutating. These viruses, however, can be controlled even though one cannot be cured. The following measures should be taken in order to avoid catching the flu.

Vaccines are the most ways effective ways of controlling flu. Vaccines are either in form of powder form or in liquid form. The injectable vaccines are the most effective vaccines hence people are advised to use them. However, following the research that has been conducted, people are discouraged to use nasal spray. This is because these sprays affect the respiratory tract and affect the people who are allergic to them. The live attenuated viruses that are injected into the body boost the body’s immunity by stimulating the body to produce antibodies against them. These antibodies are responsible for the body’s immunity. The antibodies fight the flu shot in case the viruses come into contact with the body. People are advised to take these vaccines if they did not get vaccinated during the previous flu shot season. These vaccines are also important in protecting the body against other respiratory diseases that can also attack the body since they boost the body’s immunity. Pregnant mothers are also required to take these vaccines in order to avoid the death of the newborn children lastly this viral illness should be controlled since it can lead to other bacterial diseases that can cause death.

It is recommended that you wash your hands using medicated soap and adequate water clean water this will greatly help you to avoid this flu shot since this disease also works best in unhygienic conditions. Therefore it is important that you should maintain high standards of hygiene so as to avoid contracting the disease. When washing your, hands ensure that the clean water stays in your hands for about fifteen seconds in case you use plain soap. If possible use alcohol-based soaps. This is because they are strong disinfectants hence will help you to avoid contracting the flu shot.

Avoid stress and have adequate sleep since it greatly lowers the level of immunity in the body and increases the levels of cortisol in the body. A weak immunity will easily be attacked by the viruses and will not be able to resist these viruses. You can avoid stress by having adequate sleep and having regular body exercises. Body exercises are important since they keep your body fit and your immunity strong. Dressing properly is recommended during cold times so as to keep you warm. This will prevent you from contracting the flu viruses. Cold seasons are likely to cause the flu hence it is important that people dress warmly.

Avoid sharing drinks and beverages; this is because the flu viruses can also be embedded in the saliva. Hence when you share drinks there are high chances that a person with the flu will leave his or her saliva in the drink. If you drink such drinks there are high chances of contracting flu.

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