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Our Occupational Medicine Team at UrgentMed provides same day service, which do not require an appointment. The perfect alternative to a hospital emergency room.

At UrgentMed, we’re committed to helping people stay healthy. When your employees come to us for occupational health services, we’ll take the time to thoroughly evaluate your setup to determine whether it hinders or promotes good health practices for your employees. We also offer a range of consulting services to help your employees develop healthy habits that will benefit them not only on the job but for the long run.

Do your part to create a healthy, productive workplace environment. For more information about our occupational health services, call us today

Our Occupational Medicine Team at UrgentMed provides same day service,  is the perfect alternative to a hospital emergency room when an employee requires a non-life threatening injury or illness.

We believe timely communication is the key to injury management. Our work comp coordinator serves as a liaison between patients, referral sources and employers while keeping all parties up-to-date on the employee’s return-to-work process. Physicians and medical staff quickly assess the injury and plan a strong return-to-work program for the employee. Claims and injury reports are processed quickly and accurately.

At UrgentMed cost, cases close within 19 days if the employee is compliant with the treatment plan!

We adhere to the workers’ Compensation Guidelines of returning the injured worker to “light” duty that will not aggravate their injury. We believe that a successful formula consists of:

1. A Physician that listens to the injured worker.
2. Medical staff that cares and provides quick and effective service.
3. A patient whose medical needs are fulfilled

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