Physical Therapy


Physical Therapy

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If you endure daily or sporadic pain from an injury or chronic condition, UrgentMed is proud to offer Plantation, FL, physical therapy services that may help you. Our highly experienced staff provides a supportive and compassionate therapeutic environment that works with you on a private one-on-one basis. It’s our goal to try to improve your range of mobility and help you work toward a pain-free lifestyle.


An Effective Approach to Healing

As an adjunct therapy or an alternative to conventional medical care, we use our skilled hands and knowledge to isolate your pain with an individualized plan of care. Our highly trained staff has the ability to diagnose, treat your body pain, and attempt to prevent further complications. Our treatment programs are trusted by physicians and recommended by clients.

Don’t spend another day without the social interactions or activities that you enjoy. Call our friendly and helpful office staff now for a convenient appointment. UrgentMed offers Plantation, FL, physical therapist consultations and treatments that provide a warm and relaxing environment for effective healing.

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