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If you have a broken bone or believe you require X-rays for any reason, turn to UrgentMed. UrgentMed, an urgent care center with locations in Davie and Plantation, Florida, offers scheduled X-ray appointments and walk-in services with average wait times under 15 minutes. UrgentMed is the urgent care that cares. To learn more, call or use the online booking tool today.

X-Ray Q & A

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What are X-rays?

X-rays are a type of imaging created through electromagnetic waves. X-ray technicians use X-rays to see inside the structure of the body.

On an X-ray, different body parts appear in shades of black and white, based on the amount of radiation the tissues absorb. Bones, for example, show up white because they absorb the most radiation.

X-rays can reveal many things about the state of the body. Most often, doctors order them to look at:

The bones and teeth

When they order X-rays of the bones or teeth, doctors are typically looking for:

  • Tooth and bone fractures
  • Tooth and bone infections
  • Arthritis in the joints
  • Osteoporosis
  • Dental decay and cavities
  • Bone cancer

The abdomen

When they ask for X-rays of the abdomen, doctors are most often seeking out:

  • Problems in the digestive tract
  • Swallowed items, like a coin (more typical in children)

The chest

Chest X-rays reveal things like:

  • Pneumonia in the lungs
  • Cancer in the breasts (mammograms)
  • Blocked blood vessels
  • An enlarged heart

Are X-rays safe?

Yes, X-rays are completely safe. Though X-rays expose you to radiation, the amount is negligible. In your daily life, you’re exposed to about the same amount of radiation outside over the course of 10 days.

Also, X-ray technicians often give you lead aprons to cover and protect the parts of your body you aren’t X-raying.

If you’re pregnant or you suspect you’re pregnant, let your doctor know before you get an X-ray. Though the risk to your unborn child is small, your doctor still may decide to do imaging using a different source, such as an ultrasound.

What can I expect during an X-ray session?

Sometimes, prior to your X-rays, you have to consume a liquid called contrast material, which helps highlight certain areas of your body on the X-rays.

When you go in to get X-rays, you often change into a medical gown and remove anything that could show up on the X-ray, like jewelry or glasses. When you’re in the X-ray exam room, your technician has you hold certain positions, so that they can get the best images.

Frequently, they help prop you into certain positions with sandbags or pillows. They also ask you to hold your breath, to help you stand still. If you move, your X-ray can turn out blurry.

If you require X-rays, come to UrgentMed. UrgentMed can get you in for X-rays quickly, and if you need additional imaging, the practice can shuttle you over to a nearby hospital. Learn more today by calling UrgentMed or reaching out over the phone.