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Urgent Care & Family Medicine located in Davie, FL & Plantation, FL

Welcome to UrgentMed, an urgent care center with locations in Davie and Plantation, Florida. UrgentMed is a one-stop shop, offering a variety of services, including immigration physicals, workers’ compensation medical exams, X-rays, Department of Transportation physical exams, occupational therapy, medical diagnostics, telemedicine and virtual visits, high blood pressure treatment, and more.

UrgentMed partners with many local surgical centers and attorneys, making it easier for you to get the care you need when you need it. The practice offers concierge service, as well as ride servicing for patients going in for surgical procedures and labs. Expediency is a priority at UrgentMed. When you visit, expect to be seen within 15 minutes.

UrgentMed is the urgent care that cares. For your convenience, the practice has both a walk-in clinic and an after-hours clinic. If you require health care, whether it’s pressing or routine, come to UrgentMed. To schedule an appointment, call or use the online booking tool today.

At Home COVID testing steps

1. Book Appointment
Once you receive your collection kit please book your telemedicine appointment online here. Reason for Visit: At Home Covid-19 Test

2. Supervised Swab
Once connected with UrgentMed you will be guided through performing the nasal Swab

3. Package Contents
Wash Your Hands and Take contents out of the package and place on a clean dry surface.

4. Swab Contents
Remove the swab from its plastic packaging. Avoid touching the swab applicator below the molded breakpoint as it could lead to contamination and incorrect test results.

5. Nasal Swab
Slightly tilt your head backwards. Insert swab through the first nostril. Gently rub and roll the swab 3 times, Leave the swab in place for several seconds before removing then continuing to the second nostril and perform the same steps as before

6. Plastic Specimen Container
Open the sterile vial and place swab immediately into sterile contents. Crack swab at molded point and close sterile vial. Label the vial with Your first and last name, date of birth, and date and time sample was collected

7. Verify and Sign Consent Form
Verify the Information on the provided consent form is correct. Sign and date where Highlighted on form.

8. Prepare Specimen for Shipment
Wash and dry hands thoroughly again. Take the consent form and sealed specimen container and place into the biohazard bag included

9. Prepare Shipment for UPS
Place the biohazard bag with the specimen and consent form into the provided UPS shipping envelope.

10. Shipping the Specimen
Once the specimen and consent form are in the UPS envelope please seal envelope. Place prepaid shipping label on envelope and contact UPS for a pickup. Call: 1 (800) 742-5877

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Why Choose UrgentMed for Occupational Medicines

Quick Service

Our occupational medicine team provides same day service, the perfect alternative to a hospital emergency room for non-life threatening illness.

Timely  communication is  key to injury  management 

Our work comp coordinator serves as a liaison between patients, referral sources, and employers while keeping all parties up-to-date on the employee's return-to-work progress

We adhere to the workers' compensation guidelines

UrgentMed adheres to the workers' compensation Guidelines of returning the injured workers to light-duty the will not aggravate their injury

We offer a wide range of services for your professional needs 

Out occupational services includes drug testing, DOT & non-DOT with onsite MRO, Digital X-Ray, fitness for duty Exams, BAT, Lab testing, Physical Therapy onsite, etc.

Work with a skilled physiotherapist

Our patients always work directly with a skilled physical therapist. Our Physical Therapist will perform your initial evaluation and will work one-on-one with you during every treatment session to ensure your best care.

Affiliated with all major Workers' Compensation Managed care plans

UrgentMed is affiliated with all major Workers' Compensation management care plans in the United States


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Words from our patients

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    I left my primary care doctor and now just go here since I'm out of state anyways. By far the best Urgent Med I've ever been to.

    Brice S.
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    My go to place when I need to be seen quickly without having to make an appointment with my primary doctor. Friendly staff and extremely efficient...

    Juan A.
  • Google

    Excellent facility. Great staff, I come to this urgent Care facility all the time and they always accommodate to my busy schedule.

    Lourdes R.
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