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The flu shot combined with a healthy lifestyle is the best way to protect yourself from the flu and the many sick days and uncomfortable symptoms that come along with the virus. At UrgentMed, with two locations in Davie and Plantation, Florida, the accomplished experts provide flu shots and flu testing to both protect your health and test for the flu if you’re already experiencing symptoms. Take charge of your health and book your flu shot today. Call UrgentMed, walk-in, or schedule online.

Flu Shots and Flu Testing Q & A

Influenza, more commonly known as “the flu,” is a viral infection that attacks your respiratory system. It usually resolves on its own over time, but sometimes the flu can become life-threatening and lead to complications, especially in children and people with weakened immune systems.
The best way to protect yourself from the flu is by living a healthy lifestyle and getting your annual flu shot.
If you have the flu, you might experience:
• Sweats, chills, and increased temperature sensitivity
• General weakness
• Headache
• A persistent cough
• Nasal congestion and running nose
• Sneezing and sore throat
• Fever
• Chest tightness and pain
• Fatigue and aching muscles

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Symptoms Of Flu

If you have symptoms of the flu or a common cold, it’s best to visit UrgentMed for prompt evaluation and treatment. Don’t wait, as treatments for the flu are generally more effective the earlier you get them.

What causes the flu?
When an infected person talks, coughs, or sneezes, the flu virus travels through the air. You can contract these germs when you touch an object, such as a computer keyboard, and then touch your face, transferring the germs to your nose, eyes, or mouth. You can also inhale droplets in the air.

What is a flu test?
Some flu tests work by detecting the part of the virus that stimulates an immune response. Other flu tests detect the genetic material of the virus. Testing can typically be performed at UrgentMed via a throat or nasal swab.
UrgentMed also provides the Rapid Flu Test — a quick and effective flu test that usually involves a respiratory specimen and yields results in about 15 minutes.

Vaccinations, also known as immunizations, are injections that protect from infectious diseases, such as the flu, tetanus, measles, or even rabies. Your UrgentMed provider can give you a flu shot or other beneficial shots to protect your health. Vaccinations use weakened or dead versions of bacteria or viruses to prepare your body to fight an infection without contracting the actual disease. The goal is to stimulate your immune system to produce white blood cells (lymphocytes) and certain proteins (antibodies) to fight foreign invaders if you’re exposed to the disease.

Many insurance providers cover flu shots, including Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Health Care, Medicare, Tricare, and Cigna. UrgentMed also offers medications and other treatments for the flu, including TamiFlu® — an
effective prescription medication that both treats the flu and reduces your chance of getting the flu in the first place.
If you need a flu test, a flu shot, or compassionate treatment for your flu symptoms, call UrgentMed or schedule online today.

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Medical Walk-in Process

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